Make sure you make the right call.

Water damage is very costly. So is choosing the wrong contractor to investigate, diagnose and repair damaged property exposed to water intrusion.

When your deck fails or your rooftop parking garage leaks, calling STS is the wisest choice you can make. There are a multitude of water damage scenarios, and you can count on STS to find the correct solution to solving any challenge.

We love our work and welcome all challenges, but we’d be lying if we didn’t admit to being partial to the really tough jobs. We’ve forged so many long-term relationships in this business because STS is the company to call when you have a tough waterproofing problem that others can’t tackle.

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STS Waterproofing Services

Our Waterproofing Services

Building Envelopes

Our dedication to waterproofing ensures your building will receive the best Weather Resistive Barrier possible. We perform all aspects of envelope remediation and con-struction defect repair, coordinating the work with unit owners, the property manager and the HOA.

Leak Detection

Whether it’s long or short term water intrusion, the integrity of your building is susceptible to damage. STS expertly identifies the sources of water intrusion (with a 99 percent success rate), and implements the repairs necessary to minimize damage to your building.

Specialty Coatings

STS offers expert installation, maintenance and servicing of all styles of specialty coating systems, including polymer-based Elastomeric (we are certified applicators of all the leading coating products), Cementious (simulated tile or stone), and Raised Pedestal.