There’s no such thing as a scheduled emergency.

We have yet to meet a property owner victimized by fire or water damage that wanted to‚ “take things nice and slow‚” when dealing with an emergency.

Fast response is key in any fire or water damage situation, which is why STS provides 24 hour emergency on-call services (206.257.1351) for everything from small roof leaks to major failures in existing claddings and membranes. Our trained Mitigation Technicians are ready to serve you at a moment’s notice. We’re fully equipped for immediate damage mitigation, we negotiate with insurance adjusters, and we’ll expertly guide you each step of the way through the finished restoration process.

Our years of experience assessing and repairing water-related damage extends beyond just the physical act of diagnosing and repairing the problem. STS works with all parties involved; tenants, homeowner associations, property management firms and insurance companies— to restore your property to original condition as quickly as possible.

STS assists in negotiating insurance claims, and provides insurance companies with necessary field readings and written documentation.

Our Restoration Services

Experiencing a fire in your home is traumatic. Dealing with the clean up and restoration is, too, without professional help to do the job right.