Electrical Division Project Manager

Jeff Mill

“I love what I do, it’s a serious challenge managing and juggling all the variables that bring our projects together, but I wouldn’t want it any other way. I look forward to the years ahead; we’ve got an amazing company-wide team! Working on my own skill set as a manager and being a good teacher for all our guys, and making choices that best benefit STS as a whole will always be the top priority.”

Jeff grew up in Bellevue. Graduated from Western Washington University with a 4-year business degree.

Jeff completed 3 years of trade school at CITC and acquired his state 01 Commercial Journeymen License. In late January 2016, Jeff joined STS. He was in the field as a site foreman, then evolved into the role of Electrical Administrator.

Outside of work, Jeff loves spending time with two beautiful daughters. He also has a serious passion for drag racing, the outdoors, being with close friends, being on the water, fishing, Mexican food, cold beers, and those Cadillac margaritas…the simple things in life!