Project Description

The Charles Eisenbeis building has been standing on Water Street in historic Port Townsend for a long time. Since 1873, to be exact. It holds the distinction of being Port Townsend’s first stone building, and had two brick stories added to it in 1889.

The Eisenbeis building has been home to a variety of businesses in the last 140 years, including everything from clothing stores, grocery & dry goods stores, to restaurants, saloons, a “movie picture house,” and hardware stores.

The building’s signature bay windows were removed in 1956, but were recently restored in an extensive renovation led by STS Construction Services.

The project included faithfully restoring the building’s original look (using pre-1956 photos for reference), and conducting extensive waterproofing testing on the finished facade.

Learn more about the Eisenbeis Building project in this Peninsula Daily News article.

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