STS Waterproofing

Our Waterproofing Services

There isn’t just one solution for your waterproofing problem. There is, however, just one best solution. There are a variety of approaches to solving every different waterproofing challenge, but STS specializes in finding the best one for your particular situation.

STS offers expert installation, maintenance and servicing of all styles of specialty coating systems.

We can achieve many different finishes that simulate tile or natural stone with many other finishes also available. While providing numerous finishes, our cementious overlayments also provide the needed waterproofing to withstand Pacific Northwest weather.

While providing totally waterproofed deck systems, we can install raised pedestal systems to allow for pave-stones or wood decking systems. These systems allow us to create a level deck surface above sloped waterproof decking systems for the best of both worlds, completely waterproof and aesthetically pleasing deck surfaces. The removable surface also allows fro future maintenance as needed to meet the manufacturer requirements.

STS provides new deck construction or repairs of all brands of elastomeric deck coatings. Specifically we are certified Gaco Western Applicators and Pacific Polymers Applicators. Whether it be Gaco Western, Pacific Polymers or others, we can provide you with a quality finished product that will ensure you protection from the elements.

STS Waterproofing

Our dedication to waterproofing will insure your building receives the best Weather Resistive Barrier possible. STS performs all aspects of envelope remediation and construction defect repair, and over 80% of our work is done by our own long term in-house staff. We coordinate the project with unit owners, the property manager, the HOA, and any subcontractors involved. We also provide detailed water intrusive investigation services when litigation is being pursued.
Whether it’s long or short term water intrusion, the integrity of your building is susceptible to damage. STS provides the expertise necessary to identify the sources of water intrusion and the skills necessary to evaluate the situation and minimize damage to your building. Using the best equipment available, we locate different sources of water intrusion with a 99% success rate.

We troubleshoot anything from a small roof leak to major failures in existing claddings and membranes.

STS has established relationships with several expert engineers, and works with them on a continuous basis when investigating water intrusion. Our investigation services include:

  • Removing exterior cladding so the engineers can inspect and document the envelope. We then restore the exterior to its original condition.
  • Provide core samples to engineers.
  • Provide insight to engineers in field inspections as to which areas should be inspected.
  • Provide moisture readings, certified Infra-Red Camera Thermographer, structural atmospheric readings and reports based on visual observations.
  • Provide temporary shoring as needed per structural engineering.