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Our Restoration Services

You’ve heard that time heals all wounds. It’s our experience that speed heals when it comes to providing relief from fire and water damage. STS responds quickly to restore your affected area to its original condition, and get your life back to normal.

STS Restoration experts are available on call 24-7 at 206.257.1351 to assess your damage and begin immediate mitigation.

Experiencing a fire in your home is traumatic. Dealing with the clean up and restoration can be, too, without the professional help to do the job right. When construction materials burn, they release toxic gases.

Smoke can impact building materials and contents, even in areas that might appear unaffected. STS gives you peace of mind that only an experienced, certified professional can deliver. Our Restoration Technicians inspect and evaluate the damage, and determine which materials can be restored, and which require replacement.

Everyone has their own story to tell about an alarming water-related emergency. When a failed water heater floods the basement, or plumbing to your toilet on the top floor of your home sends water cascading down through the interior walls, you’re faced with potentially devastating damage. You not only need the damaged area treated and restored quickly, you need it treated thoroughly, because incompletely addressing the situation can quickly lead to mold growth, which has its own set of problems and health threats.

Whether it’s long or short term water intrusion, the integrity of your building is susceptible to damage. STS provides the expertise necessary to identify the sources of water intrusion and the skills necessary to evaluate the situation and minimize damage to your building. Using the best equipment available, we locate different sources of water intrusion with a 99% success rate.

We troubleshoot anything from a small roof leak to major failures in existing claddings and membranes.

STS has established relationships with several expert engineers, and works with them on a continuous basis when investigating water intrusion. Our investigation services include:

  • Removing exterior cladding so the engineers can inspect and document the envelope. We then restore the exterior to its original condition.
  • Provide core samples to engineers.
  • Provide insight to engineers in field inspections as to which areas should be inspected.
  • Provide moisture readings, certified Infra-Red Camera Thermographer, structural atmospheric readings and reports based on visual observations.
  • Provide temporary shoring as needed per structural engineering.
STS offers 24 hour emergency on-call services to immediately assist in numerous types of emergencies. We provide full mitigation and restoration services for Fire and Water damage.

Our trained Mitigation Technicians will help you from the initial investigation and mitigation all the way through the restoration process. STS has a full line of the best equipment needed to mitigate your damage immediately. We work with all parties involved from the tenants/owners of the units affected along with the HOA, property management firm, and insurance companies if involved. If coverage is established with an insurance company STS will assist you through the process of negotiating the claim to insure the affected area is returned to its original condition. We provide all the needed field readings and written documentation to satisfy the requirements of your insurance company. In addition STS will prepare an estimate on the Xactimate software system which is the most commonly used software by insurance companies nationwide.