STS Condominium Services

Our Condominium Services

STS has grown from a residential builder in the communities we live and work into a commercial partner and respected provider of construction services.

As we’ve grown, we haven’t forgotten what made us successful. We’re known for the quality & craftsmanship of our finished work, but STS also has a well-deserved reputation for providing a superior overall customer experience through all phases of the job. We pride ourselves on being on time, on budget, and available to clients at all times. We know it takes a little something extra to do truly great work, and there’s a little something extra in every condominium project we deliver.

Working with top-flight engineers, architects and developers, when it comes to condominium projects of all shapes and sizes, the STS Construction Services experience is like no other in the market today.

Our dedication to waterproofing will insure your building receives the best Weather Resistive Barrier possible. STS performs all aspects of envelope remediation and construction defect repair, and over 80% of our work is done by our own long term in-house staff. We coordinate the project with unit owners, the property manager, the HOA, and any subcontractors involved. We also provide detailed water intrusive investigation services when litigation is being pursued.
Whether it’s long or short term water intrusion, the integrity of your building is susceptible to damage. STS provides the expertise necessary to identify the sources of water intrusion and the skills necessary to evaluate the situation and minimize damage to your building. Using the best equipment available, we locate different sources of water intrusion with a 99% success rate.

We troubleshoot anything from a small roof leak to major failures in existing claddings and membranes.

STS has established relationships with several expert engineers, and works with them on a continuous basis when investigating water intrusion. Our investigation services include:

  • Removing exterior cladding so the engineers can inspect and document the envelope. We then restore the exterior to its original condition.
  • Provide core samples to engineers.
  • Provide insight to engineers in field inspections as to which areas should be inspected.
  • Provide moisture readings, certified Infra-Red Camera Thermographer, structural atmospheric readings and reports based on visual observations.
  • Provide temporary shoring as needed per structural engineering.
STS offers 24 hour emergency on-call services to immediately assist in numerous types of emergencies. We provide full mitigation and restoration services for Fire and Water damage.

Our trained Mitigation Technicians will help you from the initial investigation and mitigation all the way through the restoration process. STS has a full line of the best equipment needed to mitigate your damage immediately. We work with all parties involved from the tenants/owners of the units affected along with the HOA, property management firm, and insurance companies if involved. If coverage is established with an insurance company STS will assist you through the process of negotiating the claim to insure the affected area is returned to its original condition. We will provide all the needed field readings and written documentation to satisfy the requirements of your insurance company. In addition STS will prepare an estimate on the Xactimate software system which is the most commonly used software by insurance companies nationwide.

STS regularly takes on jobs of all shapes and sizes, including smaller scale projects. Small condominium projects include siding repairs, window installation, elastomeric deck coating installation, concrete repairs, temporary shoring, interior finish work and much more.