Outstanding results, every time.

Our attention to detail and to our customers’ needs, sets STS apart from the rest. Since 2000, STS has been trusted to deliver exceptional work on a wide variety of envelope remediation projects. Our knowledge in the field is vast, and our client satisfaction is among the best in the industry.

From small specialty coating projects to complete exterior renovation, each project we take on has its own unique set of challenges and requirements. And while there are many possible solutions for each project, there is only one best solution. STS specializes in finding it and implementing it.

STS Condominium

Make sure you make the right call.

Water damage is very costly. So is choosing the wrong contractor to investigate, diagnose and repair damaged property exposed to water intrusion. When your deck fails or your rooftop parking garage leaks, calling STS is the wisest choice you can make. There are a multitude of water damage scenarios, and you can count on STS to find the correct solution to solving any challenge.

STS offers expert installation, maintenance and servicing of all styles of specialty coating systems, including polymer-based Elastomeric (we are certified applicators of all the leading coating products in the industry), Cementious (simulated tile or stone), and Raised Pedestal (level deck surface installed above sloped waterproof decking systems). We also provide endless different finishes to perfectly suit your unique needs.

STS Waterproofing

The only thing that is constant is change.

Everyone grows and changes with time, literally and figuratively. As that happens, even longtime favorite living spaces can become outdated and less functional.

Whether you’re a growing family that has outgrown your home’s floor plan, or a single homeowner wanting to improve an outdated bathroom, STS Construction Services excels at matching your changing needs with unique new floor plans and updates. With an STS remodel, your home not only grows in value. It changes with you and fits your life perfectly for years to come.

STS Remodeling

There’s no such thing as a scheduled emergency.

We have yet to meet a property owner victimized by fire or water damage that wanted to “take things nice and slow‚” when dealing with an emergency.

Fast response is key in these situations, which is why STS provides 24 hour emergency on-call services for everything from small roof leaks to major failures in existing claddings and membranes. Our trained Mitigation Technicians are ready at a moment’s notice to serve you.

STS Restoration

We’ve never met a tough job we didn’t love.

Taking the path of least resistance didn’t make us the innovative contractor we are. Hard work and a commitment to excellence did.

STS Construction Services has established its hard-earned reputation by finding the best solutions to tough challenges others shy away from. Our highly trained, long term staff brings extensive expertise in all trades to every project we take on, enabling faster collaboration across disciplines and a more streamlined path from the initial planning to the finished work.

STS Commercial